Introduction of Laboratory

Space Geodesy Laboratory (SGL), National Chiao Tung University, established by Dr. Cheinway Hwang in 1999, is a scientific group dedicated to geodetic research. SGL consists of research scientists, staff and graduate students funded though projects supported by various institutions in Taiwan. SGL works closely with the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), Taiwan, to promote a wide range of studies using gravity data collected by MOI’s airborne and ship-borne gravimeters, and absolute and superconducting gravimeters. SGL is also active in satellite gravimetric research using data from the mission GRACE. Sample study subjects of SGL are geoid modeling, vertical datum determination, surface deformation, sea level anomaly monitoring, ocean tide modeling, groundwater and Kuroshio Current study. SGL has long been active in studies initiated by sub-commissions of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) and expects more future international collaborations.